Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January Budget

This was the month of great deals on stuff I didn't reallyyyyyy need, but we'll ignore that. The standout buy for the month was the Loft tee - a super simple basic that I couldn't stop wearing (Fran made me do it, and I adore her for it).  I've got a shoptagr alert on them, and when they're discounted even more, I'll snap up a few more colors.  Also, Target had two aisles of 70% off shoes, hence the two pairs for 20 bucks.

Sam and Libby Chelsea boots - $13.84

Target sweater - $16.99 (now way more discounted)

Loft tee - $15.00
Worn here

Drew Simply Straight Pants

Limited pants - $8.00
Scored on major clearance,  but they need to be hemmed, so I haven't worn them

Total - $61.17

A quick note about my overall budget.  I've switched up the way I'm budgeting in 2015, in anticipation of building up a good nest egg, and then working at debt pay-back in a major way, so my clothing budget has shifted to an all around budget. I'll outline this in more detail soon, but I basically have a sum of money I can spend on anything, including food/clothes/dog food/lattes etc.  I came in overall under budget this month, so winner winner, chicken dinner.

Linking up with Fran again this month!

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