Monday, December 1, 2014


One of the things I was most excited about when I got my new job was that my housing is dog friendly.  Originally, I had planned on getting a dog in the spring, but that plan went out the window after I hosted my parent's dogs.  About 12 hours after they left, I was way deep in the PetFinder black hole.  At one point, I landed on a rescue organization's page, staring down a shepherd/great dane litter. One of the puppies, Darcy, felt right to me, sappy as that is.   I submitted an application, went to an adoption event the next day and refreshed my email so many times it's a miracle I didn't break google.  In the end, it worked out.  Darcy became Tallulah, who came home on October 26th.  At this point, she's 16 weeks, 34 pounds and ssaaassssssyyyyyyyyyyy.  Sister wants what she wants, which is usually attention from other people, for me to throw her tennis ball or to chew something inappropriate.

She's my favorite.

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