Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Budget

I can't believe December is over, or that it lasted this long, but here we are. This month was a bit nuts in terms of budgeting, with Christmas, my birthday and a trip to Nashville, but the new year will bring some more manageable spending (hopefully).

As I mentioned in my budget post, I set aside a specific amount for clothing, and, in an effort to hold myself accountable, what I bought and spent is detailed below.  This month was pretty light in terms of what I bought for myself, but I did manage to get some pretty amazing details - 
Women's Plaid Flannel Shirts

Old Navy Flannel - $20 (used Christmas gift card)
It filled a layering gap in my closet, and I liked that it would work with every sweater I own

Wide Pro Black Patent from the Stapled Clog
Found in a Savers.  They're not in the best condition, but most of the issues were fixed with a cleaning and some black Sharpie
I had been looking for a smaller bag to carry when I'm not lugging around my camera, and I loved the color of this (mine is cranberry, but I can't find an image anywhere).  The store I was in had it marked down 40%, but when the lady rang it up, it was only 25.  No idea how that math works, but I ran before she questioned anything.

2 Victoria's Secret bras - $60
Ugh. Nothing fancy, just needed some replacements.  I despise bra shopping, but it definitely needed to happen.

Total - $110 (total budget for the month is $150)

Overall, I'm pleased with everything I got.  I'm planning an early January shopping trip to hunt down some black dress pants (my pair died in October), so next month might include some slightly more investment-priced pieces, but it will be really nice to have black work pants again).

Linking up with Fran for the first time this month - I'm excited!

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