Wednesday, December 17, 2014

48 Hours in Nashville

Last weekend, I headed down to Nashville, TN for a quick visit with my brother.  He's in college, about to head overseas for a semester in Ireland, so the trip was part visit, part retrieval mission for him and all of his stuff.  We had a bit of a whirlwind food fest all over the 'Ville, my favorite kind of trip!

One of my best friends from college flew down with me, and we parted ways in the airport.  I rented the cutest car in the universe (tiny. yellow. gray interior.) and headed to Brub's dorm.  He and his buddies immediately scooped me up for a few hours at a bar and then milkshakes at 1 am... I didn't literally fall asleep at the table, but it was close #oldladystatus.

The next day, I went for a walk before Brub and I headed over to 5 Points for brunch.  I had yelped a place called Marche Fraiche, which got rave reviews, and well deserved.  Somehow, we hit the timing exactly right and only had to wait 20 minutes, just enough time for a cappuccino and the world's best croissant.  For brunch, Brub had a strata and I had a lox omelette.  Everything was amazing.

Once we rolled ourselves out of Marche, we did some exploring/Christmas shopping in 5 points.  There's the huge collection of locally owned artist boutiques all within walking distance of each other, so we took all of that in.  Brub also took me to a super hipster coffee shop with a rosemary latter on the menu... I passed on that, but my molasses cookie flavored coffee was supah delish.

We headed back to Brub's neck of the woods so that I could check into my hotel and spend 45 minutes not talking to another person.

Grimey's, one of Nashville's institutions of record selling, was having a Christmas party/concert sitution, so Brub and I and a bunch of his friends spent 3 hours listening to some very cool music and eating homemade gingerbread cookies. It wasn't my scene, but no one seemed to notice that I wasn't cool enough to be there, so I went with it.

After the concert, Brub and I went to Pharmacy for burgers and fries.  The wait for a table was an hour, so we trolled the bar and managed to find 2 seats pretty quickly.  In fact, by the time we got done eating, they were calling to tell us that a table had opened up, so that worked out nicely.

My last day in the 'Ville, I met Brub to pack up his room in the morning before we headed to Fido for a late breakfast.  I was pretty much useless with hunger at that point, which is always so pleasant for my family... Breakfast was amazing though - I had huevos rancheros and another schmancy coffee.

Brub and I split up again after breakfast, so I could go to OpryLand and he could finish packing and say goodbye to his friends.  OpryLand was very cool and very overwhelming (so much space, so many people...).
As a last meal for everyone, 10 of us, including most of Brub's best friends, went to Germantown for a Sunday dinner at Monell's.  It's basically going to your grandmother's house, except your grandmother is the best cook in the world ever. I ate 4 biscuits, a plate of mac and cheese and 3 leaves of greens. I regret nothing. And it was all served family style, which was awesome.

After a hasty car pack and a few drinks in the airport with my college friend, we headed home. It was a great trip, and I didn't regret it at all when my jeans didn't fit the next day.

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