Saturday, October 11, 2014

Life Right Now

This week was nuts. I travel a lot for work, up to a week at a time. Because my job is split between my office and residence life, being away for so long makes my world a little tough to manage.  Most of my office stuff can be taken care of from away (emails, scheduling, meetings etc), but my advisees and residents fall by the wayside when I can't be with them.  They manage just fine, I just hate that it makes the other adults in their lives a little more difficult, because I, as part of the care team, can't be there. Thursday was my last travel day for the fall, so I'm trying to figure out how to resettle into my world.  I started travel about 2 weeks after I accepted  my position, so this period feels a little like starting a whole new job - how to be in the office. I'm excited for the challenge.

Another thing that happened this week is that my parents went on vacation, leaving their dogs with me.  I adore all dogs, particularly mine, so I was and am really excited to have them here.  It's been a pretty big adjustment for all three of us, but I think it's gone well.  I live in a third floor walk up, much different than my parents suburban, single family home.  Even figuring out a bathroom routine is complicated, because it effectively requires a walk, every time.  That's been really different for me, because I don't normally leave my apartment so much after work.  Now, I'm going for a morning, midday, early evening, after dinner and before bed walk.  While it took some getting used to, it's been really, really fun. It's awesome for me to walk and move this much, and it was so amazing to come home for work to dogs that were super happy to see me. I've been talking about getting a puppy for a while and this week has shown me just how hard, and just how rewarding, it would be.

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