Friday, January 25, 2019

Dagne Dover Dakota Review

I am officially turning in my tote-bag fanatic badge. We had a good run, but now I am an old lady with an old lady back, and shoulder bags no longer work for me.  I've tried out a couple of backpacks over the last 6 months or so, and recently fell in love with the Dagne Dover Dakota bag, in size large.  It is my one true love, sorry honey.  I got the bag because, in any given day, I am at two different jobs for 12+ hours, commuting 2 hours or in classes, so I need to basically have my life with me at all times.  My requirements for a new backpack were that it looked good, was cleanable and durable, and that it had as many pockets as possible.

She's a beaut.  I ended up choosing the large size of the Dakota mostly for the separate laptop compartment.  I have drowned not one but two laptops because I'm not a real adult and wanted a bag the protected my precious from liquid.  The entire bag is neoprene, with a nylon lining, and the laptop sleeve is it's own unit, so liquid spillage up front wont impact the back.  Neoprene also means the bag is water resistant and super easy to clean.  I got it in Liberty, which is a sea green (closest to IRL color is the picture up top, no idea why it looks so blue below but 45 minutes in lightroom got me nowhere, so that's what I've got).  All of the bags have matching hardware, which gives the bag a very monochrome look that I love.

 The bag is basically pocket central.  There are, by my count, 14 pockets of various sizes and closures.  I can fit everything I need for the day in the pockets without using the middle space, which I can then fill with meal preps, sweaters, miscellaneous items, my hopes and dreams, all that good stuff. The back pocket of the middle section has an elastic strap to keep everything in place, which is brilliant if you have folders or a planner like me.  It would also support a laptop - mine is 13 inches, but there's lots of room in each direction. I appreciate how flexible the organization is, and am confident it will be perfect for travel.

I love how functional the bag is, everything has it's place and is very easily accessible whenever you need it (elastic pen holders are my love language). You get a bonus mini bag that holds pens perfectly, as well as a nylon bag ostensibly for shoes that I'm not sure how I'll use, but goodness do I love a gift with purchase. The handles are incredibly comfortable and, while my bag is the size large, I don't find it uncomfortable for all day wear maybe because the straps are padded, adding a ton of comfort.

Overall, I think the bag is great for people on the go who need to have a lot of things with them.  The design is beautiful and grown up, I would not hesitate to bring it to meetings or into an office.  I appreciate the thoughtful and sleek design and am hoping it holds up over time!

There are tons of beautiful colors, if you're into something else here

ps in case you were wondering, Tallulah is still beautiful