Friday, July 29, 2016

Week in Review

Oh humidity, how I despise thee.  This week has been a lot of figuring out how to be sweating profusely and still look professional. I love un-air conditioned work spaces...  This weekend, however, is looking significantly better, both weather and comfort wise.  Tallulah turns two on Saturday, which I'm using as an excuse to take a long hike and eat ice cream, which is her favorite. On Wednesday, the fam and I are off to London (!!) for the Harry Potter Play (!!!!!!!) which I am trying very hard not to think about, because I basically hyperventilate when it comes up.

Links I Love
It's very refreshing to know that, as we all expected, Victoria's Secret models do not actually look like that.

The Washington Post has OPINIONS about Trump and I couldn't agree more

How God created animals - I cried laughing when I originally read it, and when I just read it back linking it up

My new travel list comes from here

Such an important way to phrase why it's vital for young women to save money (I'm so glad I have this kind of fund)

Week in Pictures
stick twice as long as her // badlands 1 and 2
wall drug // creeeeeeeepy puppets
montana? // Portland rose garden

Sale Roundup
Old Navy // 40 percent of 75 dollars, 30 off 50 and 25 off anything, plus 2 percent back. I love the color and cutouts on this top and am thrilled my favorite clogs are back in action 

J Crew // 50 percent off final sale, plus 1.5 percent back. This swimsuit remains a favorite and I can't believe I missed that the Tippi comes in gingham!

J Crew Factory // Up to 60 percent off everything, 50 percent off final sale, plus 2 percent back. This dress is on it's way to me and there's tons of my favorite denim at really low prices

Ann Taylor // 60 percent off sale, plus 2 percent back. This dress is perfect for summer, but would also look great with booties and tights, and I love this floral skirt

LOFT // 40 percent off tops, 50 percent off sale, plus 2 percent back. I LOVE this years version of the tassel tee and this simple midi in a gorgeous color

Nordstrom // Sale going on, plus 6 percent back. There have been so many rave reviews of these shirts, my resistance is crumbling (love all the patterns) and this sweater looks like an absolute dream

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