Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Style // White Jeans

This has been the summer of white jeans for me. Starting in June, I've tried on 8 pairs, all in pursuit of the elusive perfect pants. I wanted high waisted, non-see through, fitted-but-not-second-skin jeans that weren't so expensive I developed an irrational fear of my dog and ketchup. Well, it took me 7 weeks, but this pair from LOFT have ended the search. Thank heavens.


Another fun find for the summer were my DIFF sunglasses. My cousin was wearing a pair over Memorial Day weekend, and I loved the shape and quality, and basically ordered a pair once I got home. What really sealed the deal for me was the one for one charitable donations that DIFF makes - every pair of sunglasses sold equals one pair of reading glasses donated. And the glasses feel just as high quality as my Warby's for about a quarter of the price. 25 percent off your first order using this link

Jeans // LOFT (on sale!)
Top // Old Navy (sold out, similar, similar, similar)
Shoes // Crocs (I know, right?!)
Sunglasses // DIFF (25 percent off with this link)

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