Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Style // Shirtdressing

I feel like this dress is a little magic. It just makes me feel so lovely. Sometimes, when I have a crap day, I come home and put it on and twirl around and pretend to be Rory in that episode when she goes full 60s house-wife on Dean.  I definitely didn't spend 20 minutes spinning around my parents backyard while taking these pictures. No, that's ridiculous.

Eliza J dresses are absolutely an investment, but I have found the quality to fully justify the price.  The dress is double lined, the buttons have that big-boob-saving panel covering them, there are pockets, the fabric is delicious, I could go on and on. One of the things that made the dress perfect for me, personally, is that there's a hidden zipper up the side, which means that I could safety pin/sew the gap between the buttons up and still get into it. Life saver. 

Dress (and belt) // Exact (similar)
Shoes // Soludos (hero shoes of the summer)
Lipstick // Bite (in Ginger Snap)

More gorgeous Eliza J options below - many are part of the Anniversary Sale!

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