Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June Budget

Oh Nordstrom, how I love thee.  I hit the semi-annual sale up pretty hard at the very beginning of the month, but got some great deals (and they price adjusted two things, saving me a ton more money!!).  Everything I picked up has been in heavy rotation since they arrived, and I'm anticipating living in all 3 of the Halogen tanks for the summer.  I also had an unexpected windfall this month, and ended up ordering a few splurge pieces that I'd been lusting after for ages.  They are all a above what I would typically pay for that type of item, but am thrilled with the quality - you definitely get what you pay for! Not going to lie, I sometimes just wear the dress around the house - I feel gorgeous in it!

Halogen Olson Flats // $45
Halogen Scalloped Tank // $40
Bobeau Cardigan // $40
Halogen Tanks // $10 each

Total // $145
Quarterly Budget // $500 - $135 - $148 - $145 = $72 left over!

Eliza J Dress // $82
Barbour Beadnell // $298
Madewell High Riser // $128

Size Notes // Everything Halogen fits TTS and is super high quality for the price.  I went a size up in the Eliza J dress, to accommodate my chest, which ended up being a good move. I had to do some pin finagling to get the top to not gap, but it fits beautifully. Also sized up on the Barbour and can now wear allllllllll the sweaters under it.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Trader Joe's Top 9

For most of my life, Trader Joe's was an exotic, destination grocery store.  The closest one was 45+ minutes away, and nobody had time for that.  A few years ago, though, one opened just a couple of miles from my parents house, and all of our lives were changed.  Which isn't hyperbole, this grocery store was life changing. I've tried a borderline ridiculous number of their products. Most are good, some are better than good. Below are my favorites!

Coffee Concentrate // I go through about 1 of these a week.  Iced coffee with no extra fuss. I dump one of these jugs into a pitcher, then fill the jar up with water and add that, then milk as I'm serving.  It lasts a full week and it's goooooooood.

Raisin Rosemary Crisps // Honestly, I never expected triscuits to get bumped as my favorite cracker, but these babies are awesome.  I highly recommend pairing them with all varieties of cheese, but goat and blue are my favorite.

Coffee Latte and Cream Bars // The first time I bought these, I ate the entire box in 2 nights. I basically inhaled them and have never been happier. They are bomb.  They taste like a really good cup of coffee, aren't too sweet and don't have horrifying nutritional facts.

Just a Handful Tempting Trail Mix // Like every other patriotic American, I find portioning out trail mix nearly impossible. I love that these little bags are the perfect mix of sweet and salty, without going overboard in calories etc.

Frozen Cherries // Dessert, every single day. I don't know what's different about TJ's cherries, but they are WAY better than other frozen cherries.  I eat them by the bagful, typically solo, but if I'm feeling decadent, I drizzle them with chocolate sauce because #treatyoself

Broccoli and Kale Slaw Salad // The salad that changed my opinion about salad. I love the mix of crunchy and soft, sweet and bitter.  It's an awesome mix and way more satisfying than eating a bowl of leaves.

Soyaki // Perfect on veggies, tofu, rice, pasta, all of the things.  It's one of two condiments I refuse to be without and find that this is, more often than not, the thing that makes my meals delicious, rather than ordinary.

Popcorn in a Pickle // Here's the deal. I hate pickles. I think they are gross. But I eat this popcorn with the kind of reckless abandon typically associated with the gold rush or Walmart on Black Friday. This shit is delicious and I could and would hurt people for it.

Flowers // Like every other girl in America, the Trader Joe's peonies and 5 dollar tulips make me go a little cray cray. They are damn good, last forever and always look beautiful.

Honorable/Holiday Mentions // Both the Candy Cane Joe Joe's and Peppermint Green Tea are huge favorites of mine, though only available in the winter. I stock up on both when they're around and typically my stockpile lasts about 2 weeks because I have no self control

Friday, June 17, 2016

Week in Review

Vacation timmeeeeee.  Very excited to be not working for a full 10 days. Also, started watching Veep a few days ago, now I'm totally hooked and having a reallll internal struggle about whether to finish it before I start OITNB or just take a quick break. I have the most privileged of struggles.

Links I Love

It took her 7 minutes to buy an AR-15 and more than twice that long to turn it into police

If Ramsay doesn't die this week, I will lose my damn mind

An open letter to the dog wearing a girl hat in Go Dog, Go

I would like this in my closet and this in my hand right now, pulease 

Week in Pictures
my adorable parents and my dog and majestic landscapes

Sale Roundup
Old Navy // 40 percent off clearance, including this gorgeous eyelet midi, an open front cardigan and my absolute favorite peplum skirt

LOFT // 40 percent off new arrivals.  I love the backs on this tank, this tank and this tank

J Crew // 40 percent off summer favorites.  This striped boatneck is a favorite of mine, I love this dress, especially the color and think this bathing suit it great

J Crew Factory // 40 percent off new arrivals.  Watermelon cardigan! I LOVE this dress and, though I don't love the button front skirts, this scalloped version is fabulous

Monday, June 13, 2016

Naturalish Skincare Routine

About 3 months ago, I made the pseudo-mistake of downloading Think Dirty, an app that rates products (beauty and home) for toxicity.  I pretty much immediately threw away a couple of things (stuff that had ingredients linked to hormonal disruptions) and have been slowly transitioning most of my products over as they've run out.  The only exemptions are the Sunday Riley products. As it turns out, most of the retinol/acid products aren't natural, and my skin becomes very unhappy without them, so I'm sticking with an 80/20 split on products. Close enough.

acure organics, natural beauty, rose water, sunday riley, sunday riley routine

In the morning, I wash my face with the Acure facial cleansing cream, which smells minty and makes me feel marginally more awake.  I use rose water as a toner, though I am definitely not sure it does anything except make my face smell like a garden. Whatever.  Next up is Good Genes, which I am genuinely made works as well as it does. It's so expensive, but I noticed a change almost immediately.

acure organics, natural beauty, rose water, sunday riley, sunday riley routine

One of my favorite parts of my day is definitely taking my makeup off. I use the Shea Moisture Rose Cleansing Oil on dry skin, then wipe it off with a flannel soaked in hot water.  Then, I use the Pixi Glow Tonic, followed by the Luna oil, which is also frustratingly beneficial.  I don't always use the Vitamin C serum, but I do really like it.  I follow it up with the Acure night cream and get some beauty rest!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Week in Review

We had our end-of-year faculty party last night, and while we would normally spend it basking in the sunlight and glow of not being around teenagers, we instead huddled around a fire and tried to stop our teeth from chattering. Thank you, summer, for being such a fickle little love.  Regardless, the lack of teenagers is pretty magical.

Links I Love
I am sure that everyone has been inundated by articles/tweets/conversations about the Stanford case.  I found VP Biden's response to the victim exceptionally powerful and appreciated that he directed his response to her strength and resiliency, rather than Turner's deplorable actions

This collection of college admission essays are beautiful

This week's GoT article - loving the new character

I will never tire of watching game show hosts react to the idiotic things that come out of contestants mouths

Week in Pictures

I am so amused by this // big fun
big sleeps // hiding in the fridge
morning walks // more memes

Sale Roundup
LOFT // 40 percent off shorts and tees, plus 2 percent back with ebates.  I love the periwinkle/sky blue color of these shorts and that they have elephant shorts, and both would pair perfectly with a budget off the shoulder top

J Crew Factory // Extra 40 percent off clearance, plus 1.5 percent back.  My favorite summer sweatshirt is less than half price, this tee dress looks perfect and I love the detailing on this seersucker dress

J Crew // 30 - 50 percent off sale styles, plus 1.5 percent back. I've never personally been called to gingham pants, but if you have, here you go. On the safer side, cashmere sweaters in a billion colors for under 100 dollars and some real cute sneakers

Old Navy // Super cash/25 percent off your order, plus 2 percent back.  These pants are basically work appropriate pajamas (#goals), I love the detail on this dress and really like this top

Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer Goals

As of Saturday at 5:13 pm, it is summer break.  My students are gone, dorm is empty and I'm back to working a regular, boring 40 hour-a-week job.  I've been cycling through elation and boredom since then, but am very much looking forward to settling into a new routine. This summer involves a lot of travel, but also some pretty good downtime, so I'm setting some goals so that the time feels relaxed, but productive.

1 // Solo vacation

As I mentioned, this summer involves a fair amount of travel, most of which involves friends and/or family. While I'm thrilled to spend time with them and get to visit some of my favorite places (London!), I realized I haven't done a solo trip since I got back from Copenhagen 3 years ago.  Traveling solo is hard for me, mostly just because of my social anxiety (ie eating alone in restaurants), which is exactly why I need to do it.

2 // Make a fancy recipe

Most of the recipes I make are as quick and simple as possible, which is perfect during the school year, but I'd really like to spend some time choosing, shopping for and making a meal that's frivolously delicious.

3 // Complete BBG

Last winter, I got about halfway, then fell off the bandwagon.  I love that BBG is three times a week for only 30 minutes, so I'm re-committing and hoping to pull it off!

4 // Climb a mountain

101 in 1001 goal that really needs to happen. One of these not-so-hot days, Lula and I will be summiting something.

5 // Read 20 books

I am sort of ashamed of how little I've read in the last 6 weeks, and really need to get back to it. I'm hoping earlier bedtimes and a little less going on will get me back on track.