Friday, April 15, 2016

Week in Review

God bless good weather.  I'm currently bare-legged for the first time this year and lovvviiinnngggg it (#deathtotights).  Also, coaching softball is a lot more fun in the sunshine...  Here's to a 70 degree weekend and not having to work at all.

Links I Love
I don't love the Kardashians, but I do love sass

This video is kind of the best thing ever

I do not know the answer to this question, but I appreciate people asking it

Week in Pictures

Sale Roundup
Old Navy // 30 percent off your order.  I ordered this dress and am loving the color of these pants and the sleeves of this top

J Crew // 25 dollars off 100, 75 off 200.  The colors of this top are gorgeous, I love this varsity sweater and this gorgeous dress

J Crew Factory // 40 percent off new arrivals, 50 percent off wear now styles.  This top is gorgeous, I LOVELOVELOVE this dress and these sandals

LOFT // 30 percent off everything.  I love this necklace, this lace tee and this shirtdress

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