Friday, March 18, 2016

Week in Review

My poor, neglected blog. Turns out, working 11+ hour days for a month straight and blogging don't go so well together. Luckily, spring break starts today and I get to only work 40 hours a week for the next 14 days. Wooohhoooo.  And also, the weather is perfect and I'm headed home for boiled dinner and Irish soda bread with most of my favorite people.  It's gonna be great.

Links I Love
I've never watched The Bachelor, but lovelovelove reading other people's snarky commentaries on it

Though I don't have kids to eat dinner with, the mental steps this author went through helped me identify a few easy changes in my life

And this video about eating dinner made me tear up a little

I love relatable, implentable (word?) tips for taking better photos

Every teenager I work with should be beat on the head with this article

Week in Pictures

60 degrees out means breaks during walks // 7:11 pm #iheartdaylightsavings
purty // snuggle game excessively strong

Sale Roundup
J Crew // 30 percent off select spring styles, 50 percent off final sale. I just ordered the gingham excursion vest for 30 dollars and I finally cracked an ordered the Chateau parka, for the lowest price I've ever seen it #winning #kinda

J Crew Factory // 60 percent off most stuff, prices as marked. I want this dress, this dress and this jacket

Old Navy // 30 percent off 75 dollars.  These shoes are very tempting, as is this bikini and this dress

LOFT // 25 dollars off dresses, skirts and cardigans, plus 40 percent off sale. I love this paisley top, this summery dress and this on-trend denim skirt

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