Friday, March 11, 2016

Week in Review

This week was a bit of a cluster, considering it started with a 13 hour flight and is ending with duty, but that's cool. I'm self medicating with pickle popcorn from Trader Joe's and Harry Potter audio books on repeat.

Links I Love
I had never heard of switchel until last summer, but pretty quickly fell in love and am now very tempted by this recipe

There are about a million and one lists of natural wonders you should see in your lifetime, but I loved that this one is a little different (and very wanderlust inspiring)

The hotel I stayed at in Nigeria had the best hummus I have ever had, and I'm hoping this hack works the same magic

In my forever quest to stop ruining my eye makeup over onions, I tried and loved this trick

I'll just leave this here if you're feeling sad

Week in Pictures

Sale Roundup
Old Navy // 30 percent off everything, no code needed.  Hello, most adorable set ever, welcome to the party, crochet tank, thanks for coming, floral pants

J Crew // 25 percent off select styles, including the best gingham popover, a gorgeous floral dress and this fabulous bathing suit

J Crew Factory // 350 styles under 35 dollars, including my favorite denim shorts, a very cute drapey cardigan and the infamous pom pom tunic

LOFT // 40 percent off select styles, including this blouse in the perfect spring blue, this trippy/awesome skirt and a perfect-for-the-beach dress


  1. Oh Hullo, lizard friend! Also, we need to go to Trolltunga before we go back to HP world. Because ledges.

  2. I would love to have an elephant lap dog --until it actually sits on me, then I would probably laugh at myself all the way to the hospital.

    Beauty V. Brains | fashion and beauty for smart girls who like stuff

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