Thursday, October 15, 2015

Favorite At Home Workouts

I live on a boarding school campus, and the nearest gym is 20 minutes away.  On the vast majority of days, the 2+ hours it would take for me to get there and back is absolutely not going to happen.  Ain't no body got time fo dat. Instead, I've gotten into a pretty good groove with at home workouts.  I love that I can do them whenever there's a gap in my schedule and there are 439048201 options on the YouTubes.  Here are my favorites -

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Jessica Smith TV // Unlike most of the other options on this list, I haven't met a Jessica Smith video I didn't like.  She's sweet and bubbly without being obnoxious or saccharine. And she has a french bulldog named Peanut who usually makes a delightful little appearance. My favorite videos are the walking workouts and her barefoot sculpting.  She has a great variety of low and high impact, cardio and toning options, in videos that range between 5 and 50 minutes.  No matter what I'm in the mood for, there's an appropriate video on her channel, but this one is my favorite.

Tone It Up // A few years ago, I was pretty obsessed with Tone It Up, and while I've definitely backed down on that, my love for Karena and Katrina hasn't faded.  The vast majority of their workouts don't require equipment, yet are still pretty intense in terms of toning.  K and K are deeply adorable and I am always really motivated by them.  Kettletoning is my favorite of their videos, though I just use a dumbbell.

Fitness Blender // Though a little less personable than Tone It Up or Jessica Smith, I like Fitness Blender for their strict toning workouts.  If I'm in the mood to lift or workout without getting my heart rate up there, I go here.  The channel is run by a couple, and they do a nice job balancing each other.  Though the production value is comparatively low, they do a really nice job explaining what's going to happen during the workout, what you'll need and how the time will break down.  For anyone with less experience working out, I would probably start here, as they do a beautiful job explaining the movements.  Their barre workout is my favorite

PopSugar Fitness // This is the channel I turn to the least, but I'm not entirely sure why.  This channel has tons of options, which can be overwhelming for me, but I have a few favorites.  Because there are many different instructors and types of classes, there is something for everyone.  This class is my favorite for when I need a challenge, but I think the best part of this channel is the body-part-specific workouts.  Tons of options if you really want to narrow in.

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