Friday, September 18, 2015

Week in Review

We had a fire drill at 11:45 pm last night, after I spent several hours managing many separate high school girl melt downs.  It was rough, and I am vair, vair excited to move out of this nutty week (2 days of travel in the middle, tons of meetings in the office).  Thank goodness for Fridays off...

Proof I Wore Pants
 Outfit picture fail again, sorry

Week in Pictures
swamp monster // on the road again // poor impulse control
crazy tree? // apple sauce // husband's home from war
soccer mom // baby june

Link Love
Love this unique perspective on the first day of school

I want this wallpaper all over my apartment

Fictional podcasts (not that the podcasts are fictional, but that the subject is) are new to me, and this one is so good I can't listen to it before bed

I've been lusting after this beauty for years - maybe this winter I'll pull the trigger

This weekend, I'll be hanging out here and I really can't wait

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  1. I actually kinda love that you sub in the clip art pictures when you forget to take outfit photos. It's a much more consistent option than posting about something not outfit related (guilty as charged).

    Have fun at the music festival!