Friday, August 28, 2015

Week in Review

Look who remembered to put up a Friday blog post this week!! This has been the first week of a 'fall' schedule for me - students started arriving on Monday and have trickled since then.  Work has been nuts, but it's felt so nice to be busy again.  Next week is the first week back at classes and in our normal schedule - I can't wait.

Proof I Wore Pants

Links I Love
Every time I've felt overwhelmed this week, I've looked through this list and immediately felt better.

These pictures are hugely inspiring.

A whole line of clothing designed for people with boobs! Huzzah!

By far the best personality test I've ever taken, and believe me, I've taken a lot.

This.  All of this.


  1. The moment I saw the words "clothing designed for women with boobs" I was all over it! What's up with all the off the shoulder stuff though? Don't they know we need bras?

    Love the middle two outfits by the way :)

    1. I have absolutely no idea why they even bothered with strapless, but I'm tempted by some of the other pieces!!