Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Everlane vs Halogen - Best White Tee

I posted a while ago about the Everlane tees, which I loved and continue to enjoy.  Unfortunately, my life is pretty rough on all white things, so both of the tees I posted about have bit the dust.  As a replacement, I picked up two Halogen tees during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in my normal size Large. So far, they're blowing Everlane out of the water.  Here's why -

Halogen vs Everlane

Fabric softness - Halogen wins, hands down.  These tees are made of some sort of magicly soft cotton with just the right amount of give.  They feel like pajamas, and I'm all about that life. Unfortunately, both a pretty see-through, but as long as I'm careful about what I wear underneath, it's fine.

Shape - Tie, mostly because they're really different.  The Everlane is fitted to the body and hits mid hip.  The Halogen tee is looser and longer, with a less-revealing neckline and looser sleeves (perfect for covering my hamhock upper arms).  Overall, I prefer this fit. White tees aren't a part of my work wardrobe, so I don't need to be able to dress it up, but the longer length of the Halogen works better with leggings etc.

Price - The Everlane is less expensive - 15 dollars vs 25 for the Halogen.  On sale, they were actually the same price. Also, Nordstrom's return/exchange policy is unmatched, and you can pick up a few in a pinch in the store, unlike Everlane.

Overall, I'll be sticking with Halogen for the time being - the shirt comes in 28 colors/patterns, so it fills any outfit hole you can come up with it.  The Halogen tees can be purchased here, Everlane here.

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