Friday, April 10, 2015

Week in Review

Not much to report from this week.  Our office manager was out on vacation, so I spent a nutty work week at the front desk, managing a whole bunch of visitors.  It was madness and an absolute blast. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend that (fingers crossed) will bring some gorgeous weather.

Proof I Wore Pants
*Part of my Style Remix challenge with Sarah's Real Life

This Week in Pictures

Links I Love

I just bought this baby, and cannot wait to get my hands on it

This website has become my favorite internet rabbit hole to disappear down and makes me want to buy allllll the skincare products

This lady is 115 years old - Mom, you could get another decade out of Helen

NYC has never had an appeal to me, but this loft might be my dream space right now

I'm in trailer heaven - two of my favorite shows just released their promos - here and here

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  1. You're kicking butt at the remix! Thanks for adding your link :)

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life