Monday, April 6, 2015

LOFT Try On and a Style Challenge

Last weekend, I swung by the LOFT store by my parents house to make a couple returns and try on a few things. LOFT has been killing it with the new arrivals, and I've been dying to see if any of them work for me.  I've got a wedding and a few semi-formal events this summer, so having a couple of versatile cocktail/work dresses seems smart.

This was my main objective in going into LOFT - I loved how this looked on the online model. Unfortunately,  I don't think this silhouette is flattering on me.  There's no waist definition, and the color washes me out.  No thanks!

Poplin Crop Illusion Dress

It's hard to tell in the picture, but this dress is just like the first in terms of the top, but the back is way more open. Like, can't wear a bra open. Not cute.  The shape, however, is better, at least on me, in part because the skirt is more full. Also, I LOVE the fabric, which is a light cotton, and that the dress has pockets.  I would say it's a definite go for anyone who can go braless, or has better non-traditional bra options.

Scuba Flounce Dress

I had high hopes for this dress - defined waist! covered boobs! cute flippy bottom! yay! Unfortunately, the proportions felt weird.  The waist thing was a couple inches higher than my natural waist, which kind of ruined the definition I was hoping for.  And the cute flippy bottom? It sat basically right under my butt and made the skirt feel straight scandalous.  Nobody wants to see that... Also, the shoulder details made me look like a linebacker.  Major pass, but it would probably be perfect on someone more petite

Seamed Ponte Flippy Skirt

A win, finally! I LOVE the color of this skirt, and the slightly flared silhouette (note - in the picture, I didn't realize that the lining was bunched up).  The material is really stretchy and comfortable, which makes it easy to tuck tops in, but because the waistband lays flat, I can also wear things over it. Double the fun!

And now for something completely different!  This month, I will be participating in Sarah's Style Remix challenge.  I've chosen 10 items (listed below) and I'll wear at least one of them every day in April.  Most of the things I'm working with are things I wear anyway, but I want to challenge myself to wear them different ways. Here's what I'm working with -

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  1. Oh that first one is so pretty! But I agree - it's a hard dress shape for a lot of body types, I think. LOVE the red skirt though. I need to check if that one's in my store - so fun and versatile. Great find!