Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lo and Sons Pearl Review

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One of my resolutions post-closet clean out was to focus on buying quality, long lasting replacements for some of the things I got rid of.  After purging most of my purse collection, I decided to treat myself to a long-term lust object.  Lo&Sons is exactly the kind of company I love to support - family owned, fabulous philosophies and gorgeous, well-thought-out pieces.  Someday, I'll probably own of each, but for now, the Pearl is doing it for me.

lo and sons, lo and sons pearl, purse, crossbody review

Number one of my pro list is how much the Pearl holds for being a relatively small bag. It holds EVERYTHING.  I am anticipating this being a godsend on our upcoming Ireland trip.  The pockets are perfect for the stuff I actually carry (neosporin, snacks, 4 different lip products...) One of my biggest bag pet peeves is when pockets aren't right for my actual needs.  The fact that the two outside pockets fit my ipad mini perfectly makes me ridiculously happy.

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Number two is that it's reallllllll pretty. I like to pet it sometimes.  The bag comes in silver or gold hardware, all of which is crazy high quality. The strap is changeable - it can be worn crossbody, over the shoulder or as a clutch.  I doubt I'll ever carry it without one of the longer strap options, as it's just a little too big to be worn on my wrist, but the option's nice.

Number three is the customer service. Tallulah, in one of her more lovable moments, chewed through the strap.  I was horrified, and emailed the company to ask about purchasing a new strap.  Three hours after I initially inquired, one of their customer service reps had overnighted a new strap for free.  That alone was enough to convert me into a fan, as if the gorgeous bag wasn't enough.

The Pearl was definitely an investment, but one I feel great about.  I waited for one of their periodic sales, and was able to get it for about $175 dollars.  If you're interested in one of your own, or any of their other gorgeous options, you can shop here


  1. Nice change purse. Did Miss West-Smith give that to you?

    1. Don't judge my happiness bag, Mother. And no, I believe Nana brought it back for me from Florida when I was 8

  2. I had a Hanover backpack from Lo and Sons and after a few months it started tearing, but I loved the design and functionality so much I emailed them to try and get a replacement discount. They sent me a whole new backpack of a different (more expensive) color and style for free, within 24 hours! Such good customer service.