Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Everlane Tee Review

In my new wardrobe quest, I've been trying to focus more on quality, rather than quantity.  When I recently misplaced my white v neck t-shirt (how does that even happen?!), I took the plunge and bought 2 Everlane tees to replace it.  Everlane is an American company that produces all of it's products in the US and focuses on being transparent with their products and placements. Their message is fabulous, and I love supporting a smaller, American business instead of a giant corporation (coughOld Navycough).

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The two tees I ordered were the Cotton U-Neck and the Cotton V-Neck (both $15, free shipping on 2+ items). I ordered both in my usual large.  The tees arrived wicked fast - 3 days after ordering and packaged beautifully.  It made me happy that they didn't send me a giant box for 2 shirts... I had pretty strict requirements for my new tees -

                 Long enough sleeves to cover my upper arms
                 V neck modest enough that I could wear it to work
                 Fitted enough to tuck in, but not super revealing
                 Comfortable and soft cotton

everlane, everlane tee, comparison, white

Overall, the tees surpassed my expectations.  Granted, they're just tee shirts, but I love the quality and feel better wearing them than my previous cheapo options.  They check each requirement box, and are more comfortable than others.  The U neck, despite being the same size as the V neck, is significantly looser fitting .  I actually love this, though I can't wear it to work.  It's a perfect weekend layering piece.  The only downside to both is that the fabric is a bit thin.  I don't personally mind, but it may be a bigger deal for others.

If you're interested in ordering either tee (or anything from Everlane's gorgeous collection), you can do so here

UPDATE (7/8/15) - I wish that these tees had fared better, but alas.  The U-neck, which has been the favorite, has been retired after 5 or 6 little holes appeared on the bottom. I don't necessarily blame the shirt - those holes happen to many of my shirts, but I was a little disappointed that they didn't last longer.  I still have and wear the V neck, but the thinness of the fabric has turned me off a little, as I feel weird wearing it to work.

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