Friday, March 27, 2015

Week in Review

Wait, March is over? Whatttttttt is that all about?  I spent the early part of this week at my parent's house, relaxing and hanging out with them. It was great.  My students are on spring break, so campus is wicked boring and it was nice to get out of dodge a bit. Also, Tallulah got a chance to play with her Auntie June and Uncle Eli, which was amazing.  She did NOT appreciate coming home and I might have googled dog depression, just to see if it was a thing.  We also experienced a very harrowing mouse issue involving Tally's food.  Thankfully, my mother was able to glean a lot of enjoyment out of my trauma.  This weekend will involve lots of mouse-proofing.

Proof I Wore Pants

This Week in Pictures

Links I Love (with bonus links because I forgot to post last week!)

In college, it always seemed like a competition to prove who was most tired - this article made me think twice about that mentality

This seems like maybe the worst idea ever. Who in their right mind would do this?!

I've only been to Disney once, but this new technology makes me wary of going back 

While my personal world wasn't rocked by the news, these reactions are pretty priceless

My cousin is playing in the Division 3 Hockey Frozen Four tonight (yay!), which I'll be watching here

Guys, you can get stuffed animals made that look exactly like your pets... Wut

I am already warming my credit card up to buy everything in this collection