Friday, March 6, 2015

Week in Review

I survived weekend one on duty, and was only nearly in tears 3 times! An all time low.  This weekend might be worse, but we'll see. Tallulah went to doggie daycare this morning, which I am deliriously excited about.  I am hoping that she is tired for more than 2 hours.  Small goals.

Proof I Wore Pants

Links I Love

While furnishing my first post-grad apartment, I spent a lot of time in Ikea.  This line ensures it will be a while before I upgrade to big girl furniture

I still don't love facebook, but this feature is a step in a very good direction

And IIIIIIIIEIIIIIII will always love youuuuuuuuu - It was the number one song on my birthday.  This website will tell you yours

While Copenhagen and I have a love/hate relationship (so freaking cold and dark), this list is pretty accurate and makes me homesick

One of my big reasons for hoping that the Pats would win the Superbowl this year was that Vince would get another ring. While I'm thrilled he did, this news broke my heart

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  1. So the Glass Market has an actual Danish name. Good to know.