Friday, February 27, 2015

Week in Review

Thank god February is nearly over and next week promises at least 2 days about 32 degrees.  I'm heading into two weekends in a row of residential duty, which means I'm housebound and painting my bathroom/foyer, somewhat miserable and stir-crazy.  Yayyyyy.  

Proof I Wore Pants


Links I Loved

The dress is blowing my mind (#teamblueandblack)

I had never really thought about different ways of expressing love, but this quiz made me more aware of what I need, and how different most of my family is

As someone who had "for all intensive purposes" for too many years, this list was pretty informative

Though I outgrew most of my over-achiever tendencies somewhere around deciding medical school would suck, but I totally agree with this article, especially as I work with high school students

While I would maybe prefer not to admit it, this article 100% applies to my life

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